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Tesla Electrochem Ltd. center is located in the city of Tampere, Finland.  Born on the campus of one of the EU's leading technical universities:  The University of Applied Science.

Tesla Electrochem works closely with five universities.

Keeping us close to leading technical advances, in addition to our own Research and Development of antiviral nano-technologies and nano-based equipment for business and industry.  The non-medical technology works to reduce economic risk and damage from epidemics and pandemics.

• Tesla Electrrochem's experienced team have over 100 years of industry, sector and business expertise specifically helping companies with pandemic economic risk reduction.  

And our team has antimicrobial products we developed, in over 45,000 restaurants, hotels, office buildings, and airports around the world.



Tesla Electrochem has two patent pendings.  One relates to antimicrobial long term nano surface coatings.  And the second relates to Nutrigenomics.  Solutions to unusual challenges arising from the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the vaccines related to it.


• The only company in it's field to have experience in pandemic and epidemic economical mitigation for hotels, restaurant chains, retail malls, cruise ships, manufacturing, food processing, transportation and many other areas.

• Safer Air, Safer Surfaces lead to economic stability and growth even during the storm.

Unique Scientific know-how combined with successful international multiple sectorial experience

• Electrochemical engineering leads the way to effective non-medical means for business and industry to maintain economic strength in the storm of a pandemic.

• Our products are based on advanced electronic versions of the work of Nikola Tesla which were light years ahead of their time.

• Updating it all with modern electronics built on the solid ground of the electronics genius - Nikola Tesla.

• We have constructed working models of relevant Tesla equipment and used it to leap ahead in workable effective anti-pandemic products.

• Providing Safer Air and Safer Surfaces for business and industries.

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