In addition to our well-known electrochemical products to provide safer surfaces, safer air... the following new technology product is added in the Spring of 2021:
Focused on the reduction of mRNA based diseases and conditions.  Including reducing Pathogenic Priming and autoimmune diseases caused by mRNA.
Research shows that our mechanism is effective.
Tesla Electrochem Nano-Wash
Tesla Electrochem Monthly Deep Clean
And Our Products for Safer Surfaces, Safer Air:
Tesla Electrochem 30 Day Deep Clean

The world's one an only Deep Clean that lasts for 30 days.

Standard deep cleaning lasts only until people appear on site.  But with 30 Day Deep Clean, the effect lasts one month.

Standard cleaning is done during the month but at the basis of that is the 99.9% antibacterial / antiviral effect of our high technology nanocoating.

Schools, gyms, hotels, restaurants... anywhere people are.  Now Deep Cleaning Lasts for a month.  Contact us for information.

These are just a few of our revolutionary products helping businesses reduce the economic impact of pandemics and epidemics. 
By: Safer Surfaces, Safer Air

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Tesla Electrochem Air Mini
Tesla Electrochem Air Art
Tesla Electrochem Air Art
Tesla Electrochem Air MAX 12000
Tesla Electrochem Air MAX 35000